Dee-fense, Dee-fense

A few Mondays ago, I caused a minor convulsion in the Force by serenading the Seabury faculty meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers fight song (which was steeped into my consciousness in my adolescence living with a father who was a lifelong Steelers fan); the students representatives to the meeting then demanded a reprise in my New Testament II class, where I also could display the Steelers championship t-shirt that my dad had overnighted to me.

Because I am just that kind of guy, I have tracked down an online version of the original performance.

It comes with a slide show of the current Steelers (of whom I know nothing; I kept peering intently at the slides, asking “Where’s L.C. Greenwood? Where’s John Stallworth?” And what’s with the new numbers? Why aren’t they real football-uniform numbers?), but the sound track reproduces the first, unsurpassed version of the Steelers Polka.

Deee-fense, deee-fense
Make them scramble, intercept the ball!
Deee-fense, deee-fense
Blitz them, drive them up against the wall
Franco, Franco
Look at that, we have a running game!

Good things soon come to those who sit and wait. Hey!

The existence of this clip by itself justifies the existence of YouTube; thanks for hosting this gem.

1 thought on “Dee-fense, Dee-fense

  1. The student representatives to the faculty demanded a reprise?

    Funny, I remember that somewhat differently….

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