That Time of Year

I should have called my basketball-predicting season complete when I correctly forecast the winner of Tueday’s play-in game for the NCAA championship tournament. I easily picked Monmouth over Hampton — on the basis that two of Nate’s godparents went to Monmouth forty years ago.

In the first three of today’s basketball games, however, I have spotted no winners among the first three games. I picked Seton Hall as an upset victor, because they used to be coached by Duke grad Tommy Amaker (and are now coached by Louis Orr), and I picked BC and Oklahoma because I didn’t think they could be upset.

[News flash: BC has rallied to save my bracket — though I started this post when BC seemed destined to fall to Pacific. By the way, my condolences to Wake Forest, which lost its first-round game in the NIT tournament.]

Still, our family will spend a great deal of time for the next few weeks scrutinizing updates from the tournament sites. . . .

3 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. The fact that we even made the Not Invited Tourney this year was a surprise. In any event, thanks for the condolences and good luck to you.


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