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If you noticed my recent reticence online, I can explain that this year I’m having a particularly acute case of my annual tax-phobia-stress. Every year, I resolve to track down an accountant to do them for me; every year, I put it off till too late. I’m going public with this year’s panic so that there’s no chance that my irrational dread be a secret, and that anybody can ask me, “Have you gotten your accountant yet?”

I think I have all the information I need to get my taxes out this weekend without filing for an extension. I am really, really determined to not do this next year.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up

  1. Dearest AKMA,

    I haven’t filed sans extensions since 1979 — this because mi papa had a hobby of investing in partnerships, who NEVER are ready by 4/15.

    My best advice: develop a relationship with a Certified Public Accountant, and schedule meetings monthly throughout the year so that all the records are on track. Then you get to let go of the stress.

  2. Trish and I have a good one we use. Other ministers and artists we know employ this man’s services. So, he knows his way around the tax code when there are multiple variables at work.

    And he is kind. This goes a long way.

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