You Never Miss Your Water When The Sump Pump Overflows

Show me someone who doesn’t care much about sump pumps, and I’ll show you someone whose basement never flooded, and who doesn’t have a hole in her or his basement floor isn’t filling up with ominously murky-looking water.

Our hard-working emergency maintenance guy put in a new sump pump for us yesterday, and let me tell you, I am intensely interested by sump pumps, and delighted that ours is working fine.

4 thoughts on “You Never Miss Your Water When The Sump Pump Overflows

  1. This is Mark’s Dad. We have a sump pump, acutally a second one. I replaced an old one with a new one. The only time I worry is when the electric power fails during a heavy rain! Then I pray a lot.


  2. Ah, the sump pump. I have known the exploration and intimacy, the frustration and betrayal, the wholehearted trust and vulnerability that comes with the sump pump, and with the low-lying foundation that calls for a sump pump.

    Thanks for the memories…I think.

  3. One thing you might consider is adding a sump pump or high water alarm, or a backup sump pump (one that runs under its own power.)

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