Shorts Day

The ether has enveloped and consumed the post on which Steve proclaimed his antipathy to pants (the closest I can come to finding it is Krista’s post alluding to it and this post of Steve’s that evokes a conversation on the topic), but just as Steve regretfully marks the passing of summer by noting the first day of fall on which he’s compelled to wear trousers, so I (more congenially disposed toward long pants) mark the dawn of summer by announcing that today, for the first time, I’ve put on my comfortable cargo shorts.

3 thoughts on “Shorts Day

  1. Totally off topic, but on Saturday, May 26, there was a Wash Post artice in the religion section on Holy Cards. Annoyingly, it doesn’t seem to have made it online. Maybe you’ll have better luck finding it than I did…

  2. Alas, when I lost my archives a while ago those posts were among them, along with the ridiculous interactive fiction game I wrote in which the player was unable to put on a pair of pants.

    I’m wearing shorts as I type this, of course.

  3. And I was in short sleeves for the 1st time, sparing my adoring fans the sight of me in shorts!!

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