4 thoughts on “Index Under

  1. I’m guessing it will be separate unordered lists of topics and page numbers. And while there will certainly be a topic for each page number listed, and vice versa, these won’t in any way be correlated spatially in the text.

    I’m hoping it also has appendices and a bibliography unordered in similarly miscellaneous fashion. Reading it will be a joy, like playing in a big pile pile of leaves!

    (Restating that last sentence miscellaneously: joy leaves
    pile be will a Reading!, in
    like big of)

  2. It will be a small space carved out of the final pages in which lurks a tiny bibliographically trained robot, ready to comb the book in search of whatever it’s asked for. This is the future, people, everything needs more robots!

    Everything Needs More Robots, by the way, is the title of my own forthcoming book on knowledge systems and information retrieval.

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