St Jerome’s Librarian on Potter

Micah came over for a visit, providing the occasion for a rollicking argument over plot developments in the Harry Potter saga (inspired by the latest news from J. K. Rowling). Micah argues that Dumbledore is not dead, Snape is really Harry’s father, that the Avada Kedavra curse doesn’t actually work, that those who seem to have been killed by the curse are actually working undercover for the Order of the Phoenix (Pippa says, “No, they’re Unknowables working for the Department of Mysteries), and that Harry is not the one who dies (or that he does not die in a final way). He also said that Crabb and Goyle are girls, but I’m not sure he meant that; that may be a decoy.

In other plot prediction news, Si proposes that Ginny may sacrifice her life to save Harry. Pippa wonders whether Hogwarts can continue if the whole line of Slytherin were eliminated.

1 thought on “St Jerome’s Librarian on Potter

  1. What’s with all the denial of death? I know it’s hard, but I’m pretty sure Rowling meant that, meant that there are losses that don’t make sense and that evil has implications.

    Anyway, she’s already set it up so that Harry can communicate with Dumbledore from his portrait in the Headmaster’s office, and, if McGonagall is in charge, access should be easy enough. Why does there need to be some strange reversal to keep him as a character? I think if Harry doesn’t get it (and he just might), than it’s going to be one of his two best friends–not so sure we’re walking off into the sunset after this is all done.

    I’m almost embarrassed that my first comment on here in a long time is geek like that. Maybe I’ll come up with something to say about religion or God or something soon. 😉

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