Radio Frequency Interference

I should have known not to have a second large cup of Peet’s coffee. I usually don’t make my coffee as strong as Peet’s does, and they didn’t have any clean medium-sized cups, so they were serving coffee in their oceanic “large” mugs. Margaret very sweetly wanted to get a refill for me, and I thought about asking for decaf, but I hesitated. By the time I had made a significant dent on the second cup, I was practically shooting electric bolts out of my fingertips. I couldn’t concentrate on anything of hours after.

Next time, a one cup limit.

5 thoughts on “Radio Frequency Interference

  1. Hi I stumbled over your blog and was encouraged by your material on GC and the sexuality issue. I am part of the Scottish Episcopal Church – we share the Seabury history – and we have our own struggles with the issue. I was glad to see somebody trying to work it out with compassion – rather than setting up caricature positions on a win or lose basis.

    Kind regards +David

  2. Have you ever tried one of those “engergy drinks?” I did a few weeks back, at lunch. Spent the afternoon able to focus on tasks for somewhere between 2 and 10 seconds. I finally gave up and went to the gym to run, and probably set a speed record (if not world, at least for me). I felt like Barry Allen, ready to vibrate through solid materials.

    Never again.

  3. Your post reminded me of the dialogue of a couple on the movie Airplane: THe wife’s inner dialogue after her husband orders a second cup of coffee “That’s funny Jim never has a second cup at home.”

    Every Sunday on WGBH classics movies play, THe Philadelphia Story was on last week.

  4. Heh. Been there, done that 😉

    Since we often buy coffee beans for home at Starbucks, SBC, Whole Foods, etc… I’ve taken to grinding a half-n-half mix of regular & decaf so I can drink a goodly amt and not start vibrating uncontrollably.

  5. While I cannot doubt the veracity of your experience at Peet’s, I have to tell you it was “all in your head” because, in fact, the darker the roast of coffee, the less caffeine it contains. Thus, if you want a potent hit, you are better off with Folgers or Maxwell House than Starbucks or Peets. Now, espresso. . . that’s another story.

    Sincerely, the-coffee-goddess-gone-deacon

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