Five Things

A belated Happy Birthday to Librivox! Listen to their anniversary special here.

NPR interviews Edward Tufte (yes, I’m still thinking through a Beautiful Theology online discussion group) — Weekend Edition Sunday offers audion and video here.

Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Never Fail,” courtesy of Joel Johnson (link from Boing Boing). There’s a connection there to Beautiful Theology, but we’ll have to wait for the discussion to figure out what it is. Does anyone know what “Ben” stands for in these frames?

Tim made me go look at a clip from the Colbert Report. I’ll bet Tony Campolo could’ve named the Ten Commandments, unlike pro-Commandment crusader Lynn Westmoreland.

Micah wanted me to check out this and this. They’re both from Canadian sources, which makes me wonder whether I’m living on the correct side of the border. No, I don’t really wonder.

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. The Lynn Westmoreland clip gave me my laugh for the day. Thanks. And yes, I’m sure Tony Campolo can name the Ten Commandments. I’m still puzzling over how an American Baptist pastor,someone I actually know, got on the Colbert Report. Actually he’s much funnier when he preaches. Colbert should have just let him tell a story.

  2. I had to look up “ben day” too.

    Found this:
    BEN DAY is a shading technique, where a sheet of transparent dots are applied during printing. You can read about it here: Benday Dots


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