Chronology Cards

I settled on six pages of eight cards each (Avery 5390 template), with most of the same material as in my previous post. I fixed some dates, changed the specific reference to Septimius Severus to a commemoration of Perpetua and Felicitas, added Athanasius’ Festal Letter, omitted Apollinaris (not because he was unimportant, but because I didn’t have a handy single date for him), added Theodosius’s establishment of Christianity as state religion, added Pelagius, added the Council of Toledo and its Filioque, and added Dionysius Exiguus.

I’ll print out a set to use for class, will upload jpeg pages to the Disseminary Flickr site, upload corrected jpegs and pdfs for the Theology Cards game, and begin thinking about re-formatting the Theology Card Game to fit the Avery template (for ease of printing and separating). Now, beating on the syllabus, working in the emphasis on composition, checking dates, and reading the books I’m supposed to review (and writing the reviews for them). Plus, Pippa’s Latin tutorial at 3 PM.

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