September Stromateis

• Via Liz Lawley (who was mentioned by name and quoted in the Newsweek article), Presentation Zen endorses Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. I read Making Comics a few days ago, and enjoyed it — but it’s still not a patch on Understanding.

• Via Accordion Guy, Pajiba’s “The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen,” the kind of column that I read and note, which I draw on in video stores to amaze my family with masterpieces that they’ve never heard of. We have in fact already seen Shallow Grave, though not the rest.

• Via Language Log, Wayne Leman’s Better Bibles Blog shows that God approves of the use of “they” as a singular pronoun.

• I missed it, but didymustk has started seminary at Luther. Say hey to my faculty friends there (which is about a third of the teachers). . . .

• One of these days, I’ll turn off comments for a little while, to facilitate upgrading Moveable Type. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting upset about that, but if you were tempted to see it as a sign of some sort, please bear this in mind. [Later: I went ahead and did that, for the time being. When I get the spam backlog under control, I’ll backup, upgrade, and then we’ll see what happens. For the time being, the boldface link below will use your email client to send a comment to my email address, which has the advantage that it saves a copy in your “sent” folder and my inbox. Then I’ll go in and edit the entry itself to incorporate your comments.]

• I think Si is taking a class on Python. I don’t know for sure, because when things are going well with him, I don’t hear much — but I’m pleased that he’s at least considering learning a scripting language.

• Pippa and I went to get some frames for the paintings and pastels that she’s been making. I take delight in the art itself, but even more so when the framers express surprise and admiration for her work.

• I can’t tell you what a relief it is to look at the “comments” section of my MT interface and not see full pages of spam. I know, this is only a makeshift interim solution, but it’s exciting.

From didymustk:

*cough* wordpress *cough*

God’s peace,

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