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ZOMG! My visit to McCormick this year went even better than the previous times! They put up with my customary monologizing; I began by showing them the slides from my SBL presentation of November 2003. They asked good questions, laughed heartily at my folly, and encouraged me to keep working on these ideas.

At the break, many of them actually bought my new book (not What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism?, the book they’d been assigned for class) and asked me to sign both the new book and their copies of What Is Postmodern?. One woman showed me the copy of she’d obtained secondhand from Amazon: it bore the familiar signature of Stanley Hauerwas.

Autographed Copy

We decided that I not sign it on the same page that Stanley had hallowed with his mark, so I chose to sign it on the page toward the middle on which my signature already appears. Meanwhile, I enjoyed flipping through the pages, reading his marginalia, spotting his underlines.

BTW, a warmly positive notice of Faithful Interpretation from James K. A. Smith over at the church and postmodern culture website.

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