You Be The Judge

Margaret and I each had a dramatic and unexpected encounter yesterday; which was more extraordinary? You be the judge!

Margaret was sitting at the Mad Hatter, sipping her afternoon tea and studying for her comprehensive exams, when she started shooting me a series of questions. “Have you seen any pictures of Christian Laettner lately?”
“Does he have gorgeous locks?”
“He’s incredibly tall, right?”
“Would he be in Durham at a power brokers meeting?”

Yes, Margaret had a close encounter with the [apparently] devastatingly-handsome hero of the 1992 Duke-Kentucky game in the NCAA East Regionals. Apparently he and other principals in Blue Devil Ventures patronize the Mad Hatter frequently. So Margaret’s entry in this competition involves having a table adjacent to a former NBA, Olympic, and college basketball star, currently an entrepreneur/realestate developer with “gorgeous locks.”

Mine? Well, yesterday afternoon, shortly after I conversed with Margaret about her close encounter with greatness, I was sitting in the dining room when my attention was drawn to a fluttering sound above me. I looked up, expecting to see a bat — but instead, a sparrow was flying around our first-floor ceiling. It perched, first on our hutch, then the light fixture, then a window ledge, and so on around the first floor. Pippa and I ingeniously maneuvered the bird into the kitchen, then out the back boor, but until after it spent a few minutes roosting in the silverware basket — so we’re washing every blessed item from the basket. The bird got out, though, and that’s our exciting encounter from yesterday.

Christian Laettner, or indoor sparrow?

Pat says:

I vote for the sparrow–much more interesting and creative and a more significant encounter!
Pat : )

e says:

sparrow. after all, i know what a sparrow is. as for the other guy, even google has no images that aren’t 15 years old when, apparently, he was 15 years old, so he doesn’t do much for me, sorry/


Nate IM’ed me to say:

i must express my strong opinion that christian laettner, demi-god, a champion even among the blue devils, the only college student on the dream team of the 92 olympics, and idol of my youth, would beat out even an endangered sparrow

Si IM’ed his mother to say:

for what it’s worth, mom… i vote for laettner over the sparrow. did a ruggedly good-looking sparrow ever win the ncaa tournament?

Bruce says:

I’ll take the sparrow any day. That game still rankles my soul. I grew up a UK fan since the time a could hide a transistor radio under my covers and listen to the games on a school night. And I still bleed BLUE!

-Bruce Schmoetzer

Johanna says:

I’m not signed on to comment on your blog site, but I vote for sparrow and Bill
(mightily impressed!) votes for Christian Laettner. ‹g›


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