Over the weekend I confirmed to relevant authorities that I plan to accept the offer of membership at the Center of Theological Inquiry for the 2007-08 academic year. The financing remains to be worked out, but Margaret, Pippa, Bea and I will spend next year based in Princeton.

Over and above the honor of being chosen for this opportunity, we give thanks for being given another year to live and work in Princeton. Our five years there were exceptionally important to us; Pippa’s best friend still lives there, and we know and admire the choir director at Trinity Church — it’ll be a great choir for her. Margaret and I will be able to study at the Princeton Seminary Libraries, and at Firestone. Amazing.

Mom said:

Hooray! Congratulations! Love, Mom

Z said:

I think we all know you are really going back for the ultimate frisbee.

Thanks for “visiting”. Greetings to your family.

– Z! Pirate

D said:

Princeton! That’s great, just a short train trip from CCNH-we’ll remember
that when we start working on the preaching schedule for ’07-’08!

Hope thanksgiving there was happy and enjoyable…


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