A recent post involving Scots accents on Language Log reminded me of my delight at the way a Glaswegian information-booth staffer pronounced my children’s names. She asked who they were, and I pointed to each, saying, “Nate, Si, and Pippa.” She smiled and commented that they were lovely names, repeating (as it sounded to me), “Neet, Say, and Peppa. . . .”

Does that sound correct to any Scots readers?

Euan emailed me to remind me to fix my commenting; I sent a penitent reply, asking whether these phonetic representations sounded correct to him, to which he responded,

“Only if I read it with an American accent!!


D’oh! Yes; it’s been a long time since I took phonetics in college; I should revisit the phonetic glyphs. But it’s good to know I heard approximately correctly.

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