Here’s An Idea

Maybe if I make a list of things I need to do during the break, it’ll help motivate me to get going. So:

  • Housecleaning, of course
  • Mark Church History papers and assign grades
  • Mark Gospel Mission papers and send comments to colleague
  • Prepare and preach sermon for Gaudete Sunday
  • Referee article for CBQ
  • Clear backed-up email
  • Write 500-word definition of “postmodern biblical criticism” (ha!)
  • Review Richard Hays book
  • Review Wayne Meeks book
  • Review Jason Byassee book
  • Review Stan Hauerwas book
  • Finalize preparations for New Testament II course

And, of course, holiday shopping, card mailing, bill paying, fun with Pippa, and having a nice, restful break between terms, since the stretch from January to June might otherwise break my spirit.

OK, enough blogging. Time to start on my list.

The sermon should come together, I think, without onerous strain. I have some pretty clear ideas: I want to incorporate Candide, John the Baptist’s preaching, and the liturgical-scriptural emphasis on rejoicing. On, now, to papers and homiletical prep.

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