Not All Greatest

NPR recently featured an audio montage of clips from what TV Land is promoting as “the 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases.” Two comments: One, the list looks to me as though it’s predictably biased toward recent candidates. Two, I wonder whether there’s much point in applying the label “greatest” after the top fifty or so examples. Many of the listed catchphrases were unfamiliar to me, and I doubt that I’d be convinced of their greatness even if someone explained them to me. Even though I haven’t been a TV watcher for a long time, one would think I should be acquainted with any catchphrase that can make a convincing claim to “greatness.”

Mark said:

I also remain unconvinced, especially since all the clicking (on the graphic that says “SEE THE LIST – CLICK HERE) in the world still won’t make the list appear. Is there a direct URL to the list, please?

Sorry, Mark; this link should do it. And I’ve changed the link on the main page, so others shouldn’t have this problem.

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