Ninety-Nine and a Half Won’t Do

Dorothy Love Coates sang it about God’s expectation that we offer our whole selves, but Pippa expects that a discount outlet offer more than fifty percent off. She noticed that a local outlet was offering a special sale on men’s blazers — my black blazers have been looking pretty shabby lately, even the ones I got new — so Pippa prodded me to go with her to look in. We made a couple of stops, the second of which brought us to one of those “please please please relieve us off the merchandise we ill-consideredly overstocked before the holidays” sales. Pippa’s eyes lit up: “Eighty percent!

We did well. We had a lovely time together (in the non-shopping sense, although finding bargains always puts my frugal daughter in a better mood). I won’t look quite so threadbare when I stand in front of my classes. These are good things.

Jane says:

The question then becomes.. what did you do with the pretty shabby blazer(s) that you wont’ be wearing to class anymore? They do not, my beloved packrat friend, need to be taking up room in your closet…


You know me too well. I will steel myself to take corrective action.

Beth said:

Thanks, Jane! You beat me to it.


That’s not fair; now you’re ganging up!

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