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I sure wish Potrace were available for in a GUI version for Mac OS X. Am I missing something in the list of versions, or would I have to run it with command lines?

Mark (not this one) says:

The first link under “GUI’s and related software” on the Potrace site is for OS X. However, you may have already discovered that, only to find that the installer doesn’t work. With a little poking around, I figured out that you can install it by mounting the disk image, then going to Terminal and using this command:

sudo /Volumes/Potrace GUI/Install Potrace Potrace GUI[work]_app/Contents/Resources/install/

Hope that helps.

(Love the blog.)


[Mark overestimates me, but I’ll run and try this.

Hmm, neither the installer nor the sudo command seems to do the trick.]

Mark replies:

Hmm… I was trying to save you a couple of steps, but it looks like the installer is more broken than I thought, plus I lost some slashes the first time through.

Here’s an (actually tested!) set of steps which seem to result in a good install.

cd /Volumes/Potrace\ GUI/Install\ Potrace\\ Potrace\ GUI[work]_app/Contents/Resources/install
sudo ./
sudo cp -R “Potrace” “/Applications/Potrace”

Hope that works. I don’t actually know anything about this app; I’m just trying to puzzle out what was intended [insert hermeneutic joke here]. Looks cool, though.

[Works like a charm this time — thanks!]

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