Sunday, Sunday

• Yesterday Pippa and I ran some errands in downtown Evanston, including a stop at Bookman’s Alley; I wanted to pick up an Edward Gorey book for her, and while I was browsing for it I saw a compendium of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat comics. This afternoon, after Pippa made a delicious dinner for me, she asked, “Would you mind if I borrowed the Krazy Kat book?” (Yet another win for the “they’ll find it” approach to learning.)

• I enjoyed mp3 blogs for a while, but the more popular blogs started changing their URIs, many new blogs opened up, and a few closed down, and the whole scene convulsed for a few months as the great big world discovered them. Last week, I found the Peel mp3 player/downloader application for the Mac OS X; it’s a very clean, smooth, convenient interface; I’ll be finding out a lot more about a lot more, different music thanks to this. Well done! (I expect there’s an equivalent for PC users, but my brain can’t handle all that I’d wish to know on the Mac side — sorry I can’t point to the PC alternative.)

• Week after week, I’m thunderstruck by how extraordinarily lovely are the people with whom it’s my privilege to share in worship and sacraments. Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep from weeping.

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