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This morning, I woke up with a strong inclination to listen to Belle and Sebastian’s “She’s Losing It” — presumably in conjunction with my having begun to re-reread Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home for next week’s Beautiful Theology class. So out sets I, dog a-leash, and I appreciated the song in many different ways.

As I was listening, my iPod shifted to other selections from Tigermilk: “We Rule the School” and “The State I Am In,” before beatrice accomplished her mission and I returned home. Now, granted that I’m in a frame of mind to see beautiful-theology connections among all the different things I see and hear, I was surprised to hear the persistent subdominant theological themes in these songs that I had known mostly as interesting twee pop. So, for 25 points on the exam, what’s up with Belle and Sebastian and the gospel? And isn’t Tigermilk a lovely album?

Michael said:

I love Tigermilk, esp. “The State I Am In.”

“So I gave myself to God
There was a pregnant pause before he said OK”

Love it.

Their latest album has a lot of theology on it too, doesn’t it?

Going to Ekklesia Project this year?

michael iafrate

[I fully expect to. We’ll be in the midst of preparing to relocate to Princeton for the year, so Ekklesia should be a welcome distraction.]

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