Nightmare League

I’m drafting my rotisserie-league baseball team today, after last year’s heartbreak. If I weren’t re-acquainting myself with the worthwhile players in the American League, I’d be explaining why I was thinking about rhetorical questions and burying your lede; but that will have to wait. Worst comes to worst, I kept Johan Santana and Travis Hafner from last year’s team, so my roster won’t be a total washout.

Bob said:

Hi Prof. Adam,

I’ve started a rotisserie team too – one of the Yahoo sports leagues. After four wonderful days where I was second in my league, now I’m seventh. Hope springs eternal, I suppose, but my pitchers better get their acts together! ‘Course, I wish it were an NL league, but Yahoo makes us include all of baseball. Yuch. The DL is evil.

Anyway, The Lord is Risen Indeed!


Bob S.

Tim said:
It snowed here on Easter. Not much accumulation, but enough blowing around that it made for some poor visibility at times.

I was tempted to say something from the pulpit like ‘And Jesus came out of His tomb, saw His shadow, and foretold of 6 more weeks of winter.'”

Didn’t actually say it, but was tempted.

Shared said temptation with some friends in the congregation who said “Yeah, *we* would have laughed, but surely someone would have thought it was in poor taste.”

And they probably would have been correct.


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