The week was jammed with events, meetings, services, ideas, and interesting links, such that it gets harder and harder to blog without taking a week off to work out each link and idea in detail. Instead, I’m going to post a few links with only cursory comments, and wait and see whether the things I have to say about Fun Home, Rowan Williams, this Thursday’s U2charist, the following links, or my daily life — if any of those come to semi-articulate expression. If so, I’ll blog them; if not, you can always ask me about them in some other context.

† John Lanchester writes about copyright

† The Bavarian State Library’s website with digital images of icunabula

† A cool interview with Bill Cavanaugh

† Fr. Thomas Weinandy OFM makes BoingBoing

† Another test suggests that listeners have a hard time distinguishing digitally-compressed audio from full CD quality

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