You Would Think

If there’s a two-hundred fifty dollar 3D figure modelling program that makes photo-realistic human avatars, you might think there would be a fifty dollar figure modelling program that produces very basic cartoon-like shapes. (Poser Figure Artist is about $99, and specifically excludes cartoon figures).

Mark (not this one) said:


Comments posted in your Random Thoughts landed in my gmail today, who would have thought? So whynot respond?

Regarding the below mentioning of Poser Figure Artist, so you know, Poser Figure Artist actually does let you save out human imagery in pastels, charcoal, pen and ink, as well as cartoon figures! Just in case that is what you’re looking for.

Enjoy a great day!

Mark Leitch

[Yes, true, to some extent. My desideratum would be a simple application that offers the capacity to build and manipulate jointed skeletal 2D comics figures, with the capacity to add simple clothing. That’s not precisely what PFa does, if I understand correctly — but maybe I should download the demo and explore.]

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