Everything Is Stromateis

Amazon found a copy of that new book everyone is talking about. When I told Pippa the package was a book by David Weinberger, she asked, “Is it called The Lottery, Vol. 2?” She examined the cover carefully, and murmured her approval, noting especially the “daring dot.” I’m eager to read it, especially after Shelley made some very intriguing ripostes to David’s argument (and David has blogged back, in a way that reminds me of the good ol’ days of blogging, rendering my heart warm and my brain soft).

This is Reading Week at Seabury, which might mislead you into thinking that I’ll have time to, ahem, read David’s book very soon. If I can finish off the overdue book review that’s haunting me, and clear some back emails, run some errands, and so on, I may get to it — or I might short-change one of those obligations to get to it right away — but I’m eager to get a squint at it soon.

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