Pope Declares “St. Miscellaneous Day”

Well, not quite, but I’m encouraging everything short of a papal decree to celebrate the official release of David Weinberger’s Everything Is Miscellaneous, the book he’s been talking to us about in bits and pieces for a couple of years, now. I can’t wait to see it — Cory Doctorow’s review on Boing Boing spots a handful of reasons to hear, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest his explanations of ways that the internet changes our relationship to what we think we know. Cheers, David! I’m looking forward to seeing it.

On a related note, Steve Moramarco of the Abe Lincoln Story shot me an email to call attention to the video for our family favorite, “I Don’t Need A Bag.” In a subtle irony, the site also promotes ALS totes emblazoned with the slogan, “I Don’t Need A Bag,” which (first) raises the question, “Then why are you carrying one around?” and (second) constitutes something of a performative contradiction, since our family already has so many totes that we do not, under any circumstances, need another such affordance (even with a snazzy slogan on it). But check out the video and when the new album comes out, let’s see about supporting them.

Bowie says,

Hi Akma,

i was going to post this on your blog… but it looks like your
comments don’t work. But, I wanted to let you know that David says

I saw his presentation tonight at the NY Public Library of Science,
Industry and Business. It was brilliant, funny, and … a little
random, in that wonderful way that web connections tend to be. Bob
told me about the Cluetrain Manifesto
the first time we met, recommended Small Pieces Loosely Joined last
year (which I’ve since recommended to many people, including a
boyfriend of one of my high school friends, who also came to tonight’s
talk…random?), and emailed me from the Left Coast about the talk
tonight, fifteen blocks away from where I work. I introduced myself
afterwards as the Web Content Editor of the Episcopal Church website
(and got him to sign my book), and he asked me if I knew AKMA?! Well,
I’m not sure that we’ve ever met, but I know you by blog and
reputation and now randomly know that we’re both super psyched to read
Weinberger’s new book.

Final miscellaneous tid bit: in a Best Contemporary Theology Meme I
blogged last January, Weinberger’s Small Pieces was on my list.

Blessings, Bowie

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