We Need Help

We have to whip our household into shape as soon as possible. None of us is a housekeeper (our obsessions and compulsions lie elsewhere), but we need to clear our house to a lend-able condition very promptly, ideally as much as possible within the next two weeks. That will not include me — I have way too much to do even to think about house-cleaning — so I need to find someone discreet, patient, gentle, but determined, resolute, and positively disposed toward clearing out years of clutter and bringing tidiness where my disorderly temperament has permitted a tropical rainforest of paper, unused implements, outgrown clothes and books, and the impedimenta of generations, locations, clever ideas, good intentions, and flat-out laziness and depression.

Looking forward to what comes after, but not what lies between.

Jane said:

After the work we did in your office a few years ago, I almost feel as though I’m letting you down, not being there to help with this. . .

Good luck!

Johanna and Micah both recommended the Flyady website, specifically the pages on moving and crisis cleaning.

These look quite helpful, although they miss the point that I very much want not to do it myself. I’ve been saving up, I can pay someone to do a sizable share of the work, and I that’s what I’d like. On the other hand, since no obvious candidate has come forward (Jane lives too far away, as does kindly reader Carl).

We’ll see what ensues. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions, friends.

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