Granulated, As In Sugar

Today was Commencement Day at Seabury; a flock of bloggers got their degrees. Heidi, the Archer, Raisin, Beth, and Laurel all became alumnae (except the Archer, an alumnus).

While I’m at it, Court was ragging me last night for not going to his site or linking to him, so now I’ll make that link — and I’ll throw in a link to Donna while I’m at it. Blogging makes a great medium for helping distant friends keep up with you; I’m glad to see so many of my students taking it up, and I’ll be watching them from afar next year.

The Presiding Bishop’s sermon was OK by me. She invoked “the lure of God” a little too often (twice) without distancing herself from process theology — something that makes me edgy when a scientist is speaking — and teh sermon was not as distinctly biblical as I prefer, but really most of the preaching went smoothly. Kristin met my eyes when Bishop Jefferts Schori said, “Today we celebrate the feast of Justin Martyr. . . ,” a phrase that [I argue] gives a congregation permission to stop paying attention; but she didn’t lead with that phrase, and most listeners were probably on board by the point at which Bp. Jefferts Schori dropped that in. I still wouldn’t say that, though.

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