Strategic Plan?

As Seabury considers alternatives in realizing its long-range plan, perhaps we too should consider recruiting a Formationator. . . .

(My favorite part is the opening sequence, where two seminarians are agreeing that a whole litany of classical heresies are more pastoral, more affirming, more inviting than true doctrine.)

[I should add that my attention was called to this clip and to the Arian Catholic Church by Rick Harris, to whom I herewith tip my hat, twice.]

Mark observed,

That might be a highly effective way to ensure that the customary is followed in all chapel services.

[Though Seabury already has in place a highly-effective enforcement mechanism]

Micah added:

I’m not surprised that you posted the Catholic version of this joke. But this time the Protestants pre-dated it by a while. Witness the magic that is John Wesley – Chapel Linebacker.

[I hadn’t known about this one; the parallels are striking. The source critic in me wonders about the coincident motifs; did the seminarians at Mundelein omit mention of, at least, an inspiration for their endeavor?

Micah responds with the possible answer to the source-critical question (and answer that would not have occurred to me, since I haven’t seen commercial TV for years).]

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