Best Typefaces of 2006

The online type-design community that gathers around Typophile and just announced their favorite fonts of last year (yes, it’s July, there were technical complications). Of the faces they cite, my favorite has to be Fabiol; I’m a sucker for Venetian Renaissance type. (Plus, anything from the Font Bureau. I want the job of composing their type specimen copy.)

One might think that after five hundred years of typography and more than a decade of the democratization of digital typeface design, that relatively little room remains for creativity in legibly, gracefully representing the Latin alphabet. These designers demonstrate how false that inference would be.

Chris said:

I wanted to comment on your most recent fonts post that while many of the fonts are very nice, many of them are also deficient in their range of diacritical marks. Some of them would make beautiful, quasi-distinctive body text for my syllabi or Keynote presentations or handouts, but they don’t support a wide enough range of diacriticals for me to accurately transliterate Hebrew or other Semitic languages. 🙁


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