Ekklesia Roundup

Charlie Pardue has begun posting downloadable audio of the Ekklesia Project Gathering sessions, beginning with the day that Margaret and I led worship (Sharon Huey preached a terrific sermon, which the audio appropriately foregrounds). Phil Kenneson’s description of the Project should be a priority-one download for anyone interested in this group. If you know my laugh, you’ll probably hear me in the background.

[Later: It occurs to me to note that my friends who know of my allergy to “praise music” will be struck by the incongruity of my participation in the services at Ekklesia. In order to preserve my grumpy reputation, I’ll simply re-emphasize that excellence makes a difference, and David Butzu has an excellent sense for liturgy and music. I’m not about to change my listening patterns, or alter the repertoire on which I’d voluntarily draw for services I plan, but I admire David and his liturgical-musical leadership. So there.]

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