Had To Happen

As we were packing up our belongings and stuffing them into the basement, we tried to make sure that everything was either on a shelf or resting on a plastic container. We had had floods before, and we didn’t want to lose all our packed goods in another. Toward the end, I got a little careless; after all, we hadn’t had any troubles for years, and the sump pump was working fine.

Pride goeth. . . .

Evidently, last night Evanston experienced a downpour that soaked the soil and knocked out the electricity. In other words, the sump pump is off and there’s (according to Si, our delegate on the scene) a couple of inches of water in the basement.

Oh, well. We’ll see what happens when the power comes back on. In the meantime, we’re mostly glad that we pulled the futon out of the basement before we left.

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