New Beginning

Today I just puttered around my office-study, got my library cards at the seminary library and the public library, picked up a cheap printer, and bumped into four people I know from when we lived here before (and three other members of the Center). I spotted a few people I suspect I recall from the past, but of whom I’m not sure enough to have introduced myself.

Let me say this: I love Princeton. I walked across the seminary campus today for the first time since we left, and I was swept away by memories of those years. And I haven’t even stepped into Trinity Church.

I did some good work here; every footstep reminds me of that. I know the tiny township, and by some peculiar logic it fits me — the improbable outfit that’s snug in the right places, slack in the right places, in a color you’d ordinarily never wear, but it fits just right and you wear it anyway. This should be a wonderful year.

Carol wrote:


May your entire year be blessed with a generous measure of the joy, energy, confidence, and contentment of this moment.


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