Big Weekend

Pippa and Margaret and I rolled up to Maine for the weekend — more specifically, for Saturday — to celebrate Margaret’s mother’s birthday. Pat didn’t want a big party, so it was just family: Pat and Dick, the Princeton/Evanston delegation, and Jeanne and Gail. But Jeanne and Margaret had prepared an album of greetings from people all through Pat’s life to send greetings and memories.

Queen Pat

The project would have been quite secret, except that some people sent cards and letters direct to Pat; the full scope of the project, though, wasn’t clear to her till she arrived at the celebration. A huge stack of photos, letters, memorabilia, and cards awaited her; we couldn’t get through the whole array without some summarizing and abbreviating. (Of course, if you sent a greeting, be assured that we read your message in full, with fond reminiscences and delighted commentary.)

A very special day was had by all, and I expect everyone needed a very full night’s sleep. Now we’re striking out for New Jersey, to get back, get back, get back to where we once belonged.

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