Britney + AKMA?

For those with case-hardened steel eardrums, DaveX at startlingmoniker has mashed up an example of ways the RIAA suggests polluting peer-to-peer filesharing networks. He started with Britney Spears’s new single “Gimme More” (the one she torpedoed weekend before last on the Video Music Awards show), then interwove it with — hey, that’s me! DaveX used one of my portions of the Larry Lessig Free Culture read-a-thon. He didn’t get my permission first; there’s no need, since the read-a-thon portions are covered by a Creative Commons license. But if I had known that someone might remix me with Britney, I’d have thought twice about the whole affair.

(Warning: The inspiration for DaveX’s work was a memo in which the RIAA suggests using random static, annoying squeals, varying volume levels, and other such means to destroy the value of a decoy file. My voice, and even Britney’s voice, are among the least irritating aspects of the file to which he links in Update 2 and Update 3 at the bottom of his post.)

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