More Prize Type

This year’s Type Director’s Club prize-winning faces have been announced. I admire them all as artistic achievements, but none captivates me. My favorites here include Darden’s Corundum and his Untitled face. Carl Crossgrove’s Beorcana impresses me, too. I’d be more delighted at seeing Greek glyphs in the winning typeface Arno if I actually liked the letters (the debacle with the typeface for UBS4 — I’m not acquainted with anyone who likes the type in UBS4 as much as in previous or alternate Greek Testaments; one Amazon reviewer describes it as “a repellently ugly font that has not much resemblance to any font with which a quality edition of a Greek text has ever been published before”) heightened my sensitivity to unsatisfactory Greek type). Palatino Sans works well as sibling to its serif antecedent.

But how long before Peanut follows Papyrus down the precipitous road to overuse and abuse?

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