Busy Day, Blogging Unlikely

Yesterday at the SBL Meeting was wake-to-sleep occupied — I was utterly wrung out by the time I fell into bed last night, and tonight looks like more of the same.

To Anyone who tried to read the Magritte and Krazy Kat paper, I’m sorry about what WordPress does with paragraphing; I’ve tried several work-arounds to make the engine respect breaks, but to no avail thus far.

Now, off to shower before the steering committee breakfast, et cetera.

2 thoughts on “Busy Day, Blogging Unlikely

  1. I’m not sure what technical issue you want to address regarding “what WordPress does with paragraphing;” but, I have had best luck posting complicated textual compositions using plain text files and rudimentary html mark-up. If you post complicated material that you have cut and pasted into the WordPress WYSIWYG editor, I suspect you will have problems.

  2. Thanks, Frank. I disabled the WYSIWYG editing, and that took care of my paragraph spacing problem. I’m happy to write the mark-up myself; no need for scripts to tell me what I really meant to type.

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