Changes Made

Thanks to Kevin, who was one of the chorus of voices who shouted out in horror when I expressed the intention to switch from Moveable Type back to Blogger. He checked in with me about my design desiderata, humored the stipulation that he honor the Official Color of the Disseminary, and so on; then yesterday and today prepared and installed the new, improved WordPress version of my blog, with comments again! And tabbed back pages! And I’ll put back a blogroll sometime!
Blurry Cafeteria Sign

And as a parting note, I submit the above blurry photo I took while I was waiting for water in the cafeteria lunch line today. Since you probably can’t read the caption from the photo, I’ll provide it for your bemusement: “We would rather see your soda on the floor then you. Please report all spills immediately.” As Margaret said, “We would rather see your soda on the floor then you, than see you on the floor then your soda on top of you.”

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