Interface Foolishness

Why is it so hard to get to the “friend requests” list on Facebook? The only direct way I know of to check on whether I have any requests pending involves going back to an email notification and clicking in from there.

4 thoughts on “Interface Foolishness

  1. Of course! Click on the logo to get to a friends request page! How could I have missed that?

  2. Just for that, I’m sending you a request.

    FWIW, my friend requests seem to show up at the top right when I log in. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere.

  3. As it turns out, I’ve been logging in directly to my profile page — that’s the problem. I can see that they might not regard that as normative, but it’s hard for me to understand why there’s no explicit path from one’s profile page to the “requests” list; might it not work nicely under one of the menus at the top?

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