Pin, Bubble, Pop

I am the case study of why people don’t expect shabbily-dressed professors to make important financial decisions. Same with abstracted, spiritual clergy — so I have a double case of financial naïveté. But I could have told you, and in fact I did tell some unfortunate bystanders, that subprime loans and a housing bubble were creating a dangerously volatile economic situation.
So why is it that the naïve theology professor putters around skint, while $-eyed financial operators continue to hold jobs and rake in salaries incommensurate with their actual clearsightedness about the condition of the market? (I except the now-legendary two guys at Goldman Sachs who shorted the subprime market.) People give theologians a hard time about our unverifiable truth-claims, but at least when we argue about the Chalcedonian definition, we don’t get multimillion-dollar salaries for being wrong.

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