Alternating Days

Since I deviated from the topic of Seabury in favor of intriguing diversions yesterday, I’m permitting myself to be anxious again today.

6 thoughts on “Alternating Days

  1. After I read from the release about finding a creative,working model for providing theological education for our Church, I thought about your original ideas for the disseminary. I hope they look at that as they consider what the new Seabury will look like.

  2. I don’t suppose you considered giving up Seabury anxiety for Lent?

    I tried giving up Air Force anxiety for Lent and am having marginal success. Now that I stop to consider, I believe I’m alternating days as well. Which, I suppose, is better than continual worry.

  3. Mark, I already gave up Warcraft for Lent (excepting, of course, Sundays) — it didn’t occur to me that I might need to give up Seabury anxiety. I refuse to give up both, and having gotten off to a consistent start on Warcraft, and granted the difficulty of yielding my anxiety about my vocational future, I think I’ll stick with the renunciation I started from.
    Don, I would be very interested by someone’s incorporating Disseminary-ish ideas into future vision, but for the previous several years I have presented that approach to Seabury planners, to no avail.

  4. Dear AKMA,

    Among some of my colleagues in Southern Ohio, we don’t talk about who is liberal/progressive or conservative/orthodox.

    We talk about who GETS IT, and who DOESN’T GET IT.

    GETTING IT means facing the reality of postmodern, postChristendom, postdenominational society – and being ready and willing to do something about that reality.

    There are few who GET IT, and many who DON’T GET IT.

    You, my friend, are in the category of those who GET IT.

    You and Margaret are in my prayers.

    David Bailey

  5. AKMA, you and all the faculty are in my prayers.

    I’m sorry to be a cynic, but it seems to me to be a little late to find a creative, WORKING model for a seminary after the creditors are at the doors, which is I assume what’s going on, except that one doesn’t know much about what’s going on.

    I’m assuming the key line in the memo from the Dean is “getting expenses in line with revenues.”

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