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Yesterday, Josiah and Laura called home to tell us that they are engaged to be married! We couldn’t be happier about it; we love Laura, we are delighted to be more closely tied to our in-laws-to-be Carol and Doug, and we rejoice that Si didn’t drop the ring in the snow or something.

Si and Laura

When I brought the news to Pippa, I asked, “Sweetheart, how would you like a sister-in-law?” After a split second for processing, she lit up and said, “Well, if it’s Laura!” That’s how we feel — thrilled, and blessed, and very grateful. We love you two, and we’re very proud of you.

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  1. Here in Chicago, we are thrilled as well. We couldn’t have chosen a better future son-in-law if we had done it ourselves. Just wishing distance wasn’t preventing us all from getting together for a celebration. I guess that’s what weddings are for! Our love to you all.

  2. Well, it must be something in the air, our daughter Emily became engaged this weekend as well- to what seems to be a fine young man. Best wishes to all the excited young ones and could someone explain how we got to be old enough to be someome’s father-in-law?

  3. Congrats Phil and family, and best of all congrats to Si and Laura. Take this next step together and there’s nothing the two of you can’t do! It’s an awesome thing to marry your best friend!



  4. I am so happy for all of you. Si is still one of my favorite seminary kids and I am thrilled that he and Laura are moving on to the next level. Give them both my best regards.

  5. I have told Si and Laura congratulations, and have yet to see Psts. Doug and Carol to tell them, but here I shall tell you…Congratulations.

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