One Of Those Days

In a good way, I mean.
I had to take Blue Bumpy back to the garage for some more LaRue Lovin’ (the cooling system had developed an airlock that was overheating the engine, non-heating the cab, and forcing radiator fluid out of the pressure valve), and I discovered that sitting in the garage waiting room, sipping burned coffee and reading, listening to my iPod, that I was overflowing with ideas. I could hardly write fast enough to note down angles that I want to incorporate in the sermon series, in the first chapter of the Matthew book, in articles and talks. I’ll try to develop some here, but my highest priority is whipping them into shape for the particular writing assignments I have this season.
But doesn’t that feel great, with ideas sizzling through your mind like lightning, connections between intuitions and evidence coalescing, explanations leading to inferences that lead to new insights. I almost hope the car needs more work in the near future — but you can’t recapture those intervals simply by recreating the circumstances, as any number of novels and films have tried to teach us.

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