No random thoughts of my own today, but pointers toward encouraging developments in the wider digital world.
When John Seely Brown talks, people should listen. There’s something happening, and those invested in the rigid structures of current educational models don’t know what it is, do they, Mr. Brown?
CiteULike and Zotero are each laudable developments. If they find a way to interoperate, the world of bibliographic citation will be a happier place. It’s still important that writers learn the internal rationale for bibliographic information, since not every format will fit even these sophisticated models (and since the writers still need to check their own final drafts), but bibliography is not so arcane an endeavor that it should cost an arm and a leg to induce software to format it, nor occupy one’s whole mind to figure it out.
I don’t know what to make of a possible Microsoft-Yahoo merger, but I don’t find the prospect cheering at first blush.
It looks as though I’ll be able to roll down to Washington for Freedom 2 Connect 2008 — a tremendous treat with provocative fare for policy wonks, tech geeks, music lovers, digital activists, end-to-end advocates, and cultural observers who enjoy feeling their neurons sizzle with electrifying ideas. I’ve missed a few years, and I’m very thankful that I can go this year.
I had the chance to meet and talk with Esther Reed the other day — she was in town for a conference on theology and international law — and she offered some truly precious encouragement. I almost wish I had succumbed to the temptation to buy that elegant hat at Landau’s, so I could tip it to her.

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