Those Were The Days

It was great to talk with Rob yesterday; our crowd spent a lot of time together in high school, and the only one I’ve seen since then, I think, is David Barbrow.

AKMA & Rob

Rob and I used to play tennis a lot, over and above the larger-group activities we took part in. I was nostalgizing about those days a few weeks ago, and on the basis of fond memories (and on the basis of Pippa’s own proclivities) ordered for Pip a vintage box of the Password game; we used to spend hours and hours playing Password in Evan Wolfson’s basement (Evan had hair, back then), as I recall. Hey, Rob! Maybe next time you come to Princeton for lunch, Pippa and Margaret can challenge us at Password! (I haven’t taught her Diplomacy or Risk; Nate and Si showed more interest in those.)
Oh, and Adam Walker Cleaveland kindly invited me to participate in his guest blogger series about the Kingdom of God; he posted my musings yesterday.

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