Step One

This morning, I sent the deans of Seabury my resignation from the faculty.
I will miss a lot about Seabury: the labyrinthine navigation, the smell of a freshly-waxed chapel on the first day of classes, your choice of garths, the “Flaten All Boxes” sign. Please, someone, take a picture of the “Recreption Area” plaque. And especially the wonderful students who devoted so much time and effort and patience to the courses I led.

Flaten Boxes

Margaret will make a trip to Evanston in a few weeks, to do the first push of boxing-up; Pippa and I will go back with her in June, after a memorial event for my father, to finish up the house and work on my office. At this point, we have a strong idea of where we’ll be, but until we get papers signed I’d rather not make any public statements. At this point, Plan A is kaput, Plan B is looking highly improbable, Plan C is presumably all set for Margaret, Plan D what we’re expecting for me, Plan E and I have agreed to continue our promising conversations for another year with no commitments either way, Plan F is probably out of the question, and Plan G wasn’t much of a chance in the first place. If all proceeds as expected, Margaret and I’ll be able to affirm our respective Plans very soon.
We’ve taken Step One, though.

6 thoughts on “Step One

  1. Having been one of those fortunate students who benefited from the time and effort and patience that you devoted to your teaching, I find myself wistful at this expected bit of news. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the alphabet soup you’re cooking there finally serves up.

    Prayers continue for you all…

  2. A+B=C, right? Well, someone said that somewhere.

    AKMA, I join with Jane Ellen in appreciation for your ministry at SWTS. Thank you for offering your time and talent to all of your students so freely. In spite of my obvious inadequacy as a student, you were an agent of God’s thoughtful grace in my life.

    I thank God for you.

  3. AKMA, you have been an amazing teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend to me. Seabury will miss you. We will miss not having you as a neighbor. It seems that the over 12 years that our families have been in close proximity to each other is/will be coming to an end. That saddens me. I hope that wherever you land, that you thrive, that you will be appreciated and valued for the amazing scholar/teacher that you are. I hope only the best for you friend.

    By the way, we miss you in the fantasy baseball league. You will be happy to know that Alan’s team is… well, is not playing like a Swamprats team.

    Peace and grace,

  4. Wow. That “Flaten All Boxes” sign sure brings back memories. One of our more entertaining conversations took place right there, and your laugh was so hearty — I hated to cut it short, but was almost felled by the mix of aromas coming out of those dumpsters (not to mention the skunks)!!

    We knew this was coming, but I think I’m a bit teary. Best to you always.

  5. And as always, God’s got plan F, G, H, etc. etc. I hope you’re finding ways to sustain your curiosity and generativity amidst the heartache and uncertainty. You’re in my prayers! I’m eager to hear what’s ahead…

  6. Look forward to hearing more about your next chapter. Unfortunately for you, We Know will tag along for any of those plans… 😉

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