Steps Four and Five

Margaret received her contract today — or rather, it had arrived several days ago at our Evanston address and hadn’t made its way eastward. She will sign it as soon as she can, but since that‘s already decided, we can now say publicly that she will serve next year as an Instructor in the Department of Theology at Loyola College in Maryland. Loyola has an exceptionally strong theology faculty, so this is both a feather in her cap and a great chance to hang out as a colleague with first-water theologians. W00t for Margaret!
She has already found a room for rent in Baltimore, a walkable distance from campus. We currently plan for her to fly to Baltimore for half the week, and to spend the rest of the week in Durham. That’s a deplorable carbon footprint, but we’ll try to atone for it by other means — and these are both exceptional opportunities for us.
On Saturday, Margaret will fly to Evanston to begin boxing up the belongings we expect to move, and to distribute the household goods we will do without (or will replace in Durham). If you ever coveted a table or pan or bookshelf or whatever from our dwelling-place (or if you just need some odds and ends), let us know. Evanston friends, we’re looking at you!

3 thoughts on “Steps Four and Five

  1. Were I in Evanston, I’d certainly offer to help. On the other hand . . . there was the flood in your basement that one year in which tons of books, wet carpet and other sundry items were removed.

    Does that still count for anything???

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