Whatever Happened To The Scrapbook?

Mac OS users — remember the Scrapbook? It was a Desk Accessory that provided rapid access to various sorts of copy-and-paste-able data (formatted and un-formatted text, bitmaps, sounds, anything you could capture with a “copy” command). If you looked around in the shareware repositories, you could find utilities that let you make distinct searchable Scrapbook volumes, so that you could invoke a clip art scrapbook if you were looking for ornaments and decorations, a text scrapbook if you were looking for favorite quotations, and so on.
Something such as that would be very useful, again; I miss it.

3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To The Scrapbook?

  1. It’s a great deal more powerful than Scrapbook, but have you looked at DEVONthink? That and DEVONagent are lifesavers for me, and they give free licenses to nonprofits.

    Yojimbo is significantly less powerful, but very useful, and a little more Scrapbook-ish.

  2. Thanks, Liz and Dylan! I have iClip and DevonThink; the former isn’t as much a storage place for clippings as a multiple-clipboard utility, if I recall (now I should go check); the latter is way more powerful, and not oriented toward graphical clips (unless I’m missing something). I have to learn to use DevonThink more consistently, to greater effect, but this isn’t the use-case I was thinking of.
    ScrapX, however, looks like exactly what I missed. I’ll go begin test-driving it right away.

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