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If integration of apps is so important to Apple, why is it that if I want to associate a photo with an Address Book entry, I have to use the file-hierarchy “Open” process, rather than just making a more direct process through iPhoto? Since iPhoto obscures the file paths, it’s a big headache to connect a photo to an Address Book identity.

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  1. You can drag an image from iPhoto to the address book image field. I just tested it (using OS X 10.5.3 and iLife ’08) and it worked perfectly.

  2. Thanks, Liz. Pascale tried unsuccessfully (problem on this end) to leave a comment to just this effect, too. My frustration just involves the integration of Apple apps; if I can choose a photo background from my iPhoto library directly through Mail.app, why can’t I choose an ID photo directly from my iPhoto library directly through Address Book? But yes, absolutely, your suggestion solved my dilemma, and I’m happily adding photos to my empty Address Book cards by drag-and-drop.

  3. Which is why, Mac-lover that I am, I do NOT allow the behemoth apps like iPhoto to hold all my photos, but do this daring, old-fashioned thing of leaving them in folders. In the Pictures folder. One can, I suppose, also do both. It sure makes navigating easier … on the other hand, lately I’ve found everything can be dragged somewhere .. and dropped somewhere

    It’s just all gotten too big!

  4. Yeah, I held out against iPhoto for a long time for exactly this reason (I used Graphic Converter as my browser/editor). Graphic Converter ratcheted up its grade, though, and it required me to pay an upgrade fee for newness that I didn’t need. I do like iPhoto’s capacity to make some changes without affecting the original, and there’s convenience in the browsing interface.

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