In Lieu Of Real Bloggery

Two pictures: the first, yesterday‘s breakfast entree. It didn’t have ham mixed in, but I’m baffled about how they made something that looked like this.

Breakfast In Ohio

Are those straight-ahead eggs? Are they faux eggs? Reconstituted real eggs? Were they prepared some arcane way? They weren’t bad — they tasted okay, and although the texture was weird, it wasn’t unpleasant. It was just spooky looking at them.
And then —

Seabury Memory

The famous sign from Seabury’s entry zone.

5 thoughts on “In Lieu Of Real Bloggery

  1. It looks to me like they used a scallop-y sort of styrofoam dish to zap these in, kind of like they do in airports for breakfast biscuits.

    (I speak from experience, having tried to hard-cook eggs in my microwave recently. Even when I pierced the yolks, some still did explode, so I don’t think I’ll try this very often.)

  2. Microwave! Yes, that would explain a lot — thanks, Jo. Man, were they weird.
    Baruch, as you know, most of Seabury’s signage is spelled correctly; this is an excreption to the rule.

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